Not quite 101 things to do with a sheet of paper

If you have ordered a colour combination that we don’t think works well, we will always send it out with an extra insert for you to choose for yourself. This way we can be sure that your card will look completely fabulous.
But… we hate the thought of beautiful paper going to waste, so here are some (ok, so we only have 22…) possible uses for that unused sheet:

1: Make a paper plane
2: Fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it again, use it to prop up that wonky table leg
3: Write your shopping list on it and make the other shoppers jealous
4: Make a blackout blind for a doll’s house
5: Make a fan on a hot day
6: Cut it into strips and make a tiny paper chain
7: Team it with a half pint glass for a spider catching device
8: Use it as an emergency coaster
9: Roll it up and use it as a telescope, pretend to be a pirate
10: Write your resignation letter on it
11: Fashion a ‘cone of shame’ for the hamster
12: Write a soppy note on it and leave it in your other half’s lunch
13: Cut it in half, draw a target on 1 half and screw the other half into a ball to throw at it
14: Write a number on it and hold it up as a scorecard to judge someone’s parking
15: Use it as a bookmark
16: Use it to gift wrap a tiny present
17: Fold it up and cut a pattern out of it to make a snowflake
18: Draw a treasure map on it
19: Cut 2 eye holes in it, tie it to your head and pretend to be Zorro
20: Cut out 2 dinosaur shapes, use them as shadow puppets and put on a show based on a Jurassic themed film
21: Roll it into a cone and make a hat for a cat
22: Write your Christmas list on it and stick it to the fridge