The Team.

team 2017 october

You don’t have to be mental to work here but if you’re allowed out of the home...

Or something. We’re no huge corporation, there’s a few of us working our socks off doing something we love. FInd out more about the individuals that make up Pogofandango by clicking on the portraits below.

A bit of wot ‘appened.

In 2008, Gill needed to use a laser cutter for her final project but couldn't get near the ones at uni. Emma wanted to design and cut her own wedding invitations but also couldn't find anywhere to cut them, so we did the most logical thing and drove to Bristol and bought a laser cutter!

We loved the whole wedding invitation thing so much that we developed a small range of greetings cards and wooden decorations. We thought that being self employed meant we would spend our weekdays taking long lunches and finishing work early to go to the beach, and our weekends selling pretty things at craft fairs.

In 2011, asked us to start selling our cards with them. We joined, won an award, started offering personalised greetings cards and grew from there.

We are now a close knit team of 6 and still growing. We still don't have time for long lunches and early finishes, but we always manage to find time for cake. We like cake.